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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Decoding Egypt: Against the National Interest

mes pensées, Safiya

My thoughts that I share with others. Beware the Military-Industrial Complex; this time, Egyptian.

Nasser wanted a union between Egypt and Syria and got it for a short time and then the Ba'athist-CIA-KGB disruptions took place and destroyed it. Greater ZioNazi IsraHell doesn't want such a thing EVER.

Decoding Egypt: Against the National Interest

By Nael M. Shama

First Published: February 25, 2009

CAIRO: Although the concept of the “national interest” (or “public interest”) is frequently used by scholars and practitioners, little agreement has been reached on its exact definition and the specific methods used to delineate it.

Some scholars argued that intangible goals, such as “prestige” and “glory,” constitute an integral part of the national interest. Others simply equated the national interest with governmental policy.

Despite these differences, scholars generally agreed about two requirements of the national interest. First, the core values, which include the nation’s security, the preservation of its territorial integrity and its material welfare.

Power, security and wealth are what states want. As one analyst put it, “the national interests of all states are broadly similar. They are centered upon the welfare of the nation and the preservation of its political doctrine and national style of life.”

Secondly, the national interest should concern the interests of the whole nation. To that effect, it must transcend the specific interests of social classes, political parties, factions, officeholders, etc. This condition is not always the case, however. In today’s world, the domestic and foreign policies of many nations are not necessarily rooted in the national interest. They may reflect only parochial interest, including those of the government or any of its formidable institutions.

Broadly speaking, these two criteria could be used to test whether certain policies or decisions serve the national interest or not. The other aforementioned approaches could not be used in the case of Egypt anyway.

To all intents and purposes, glory and Egypt have only bonded in old times, and defining the national interest in terms of official policy is a flawed approach because it assumes that all incumbents of office are always both sincere and efficient.

In Egypt, the revolution of 1952 instituted a regime that was premised on an alliance between the presidency and the military establishment. Under President Mubarak, part of the business community has been incorporated into that ruling regime. The interest of the nation has, over the past few decades, been disserved when it happened to clash with the interests of these three centers of power.

To start with, often has legislation been harnessed to bolster the grip of the ruling regime, rather than to enhance life and achieve progress. One can easily list dozens of decrees and amendments to the constitution that were introduced just to perpetuate the dominance of the ruling party, hence serving the parochial interests of the ruling regime and, at the same time, weakening opposition parties and keeping them marginalized and feeble.

In the same vein, the state media — theoretically the voice of the nation as a whole — has been unequivocally turned into the mouthpiece of the National Democratic Party (NDP). Opposition figures, and any independent voices critical of state policies, are banned from state-owned channels and publications that have, in effect, been primarily used to propagate official policy and defame adversaries.

Moreover, since the introduction of the economic “open door” policy in the 1970s, economic policies have, for the most part, favored the business community at the expense of the society as a whole. In the 21st century, the increasing influence of businessmen and the rise of Gamal Mubarak in Egyptian politics consolidated this tendency.

To attract local and foreign investors, for instance, state budget has been geared into areas that serve the peculiar needs and wants of the business community. Concomitantly, public services were left in shambles and the public sector was deprived of much-needed fresh investments and up-to-date technology, which pushed various profitable projects into losing ventures that burden the national economy.

In foreign policy, one could point to one obvious case where the interests of the society at large were forsaken to serve the interests of the regime. The case has to do with the endurance of American-Egyptian relations even though both governments do not see eye-to-eye on many political issues.

One of the key reasons explaining Egypt’s reluctance to jeopardize Egyptian-American relations is the regime’s need to keep its officer corps content and calm. If US military aid is cut or decreased, the military establishment might as well channel its frustration against the regime. A high political cost was incurred to avoid this scenario.

A policy that reflects the selfish interest of some groups and individuals at the expense of the best interests of the population as a whole is against the national interest. How often, one wonders, has the national interest been violated in Egypt in the past few years?

Nael M. Shama, PhD, is a political researcher and freelance writer based in Cairo. He could be reached at:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

غار عشتار: رعاة الديمقراطية: دول استعمارية ومستعمراتها!!

غار عشتار: رعاة الديمقراطية: دول استعمارية ومستعمراتها!!

المدونة محمية بميثاق الشرف. أرجو الإشارة الى اسم (غار عشتار) والكاتبة (عشتار العراقية) عند إعادة النشر.

15 فبراير, 2012

رعاة الديمقراطية: دول استعمارية ومستعمراتها!!

من فوائد وبدائع التجوال بين المدونات أنك تقرأ أفكار خليط متنوع من البشر، وهذا بالتأكيد يضيف، فكم فكرة او خاطرة تلفت النظر وتوسع الوعي وتنقلك الى آفاق لم تصلها من قبل. أجمل لحظاتي حين أصادف مثل هذه الأفكار التي تجعلني اهتف سعيدة "كيف لم أفكر في هذا من قبل". اليوم اقرأ لأول مرة لمصور فوتوغرافي معروف في الهند اسمه برابير بوركاياسثا، اذا ردت الفرجة على صوره الحائزة على جوائز فهيهنا. ولكن مايهمنا هو ماكتبه هنا وفيه يقول ساخرا:

مفارقة استقتال ملوك الخليج من اجل نشر (الديمقراطية) مفضوحة امام العالم وكذلك طريقة فرض الديمقراطية بالتدخل العسكري كما في حالة العراق وليبيا. لاعجب أن الولايات المتحدة والدول الغربية الاخرى رفضت التعديل الروسي على قرار مجلس الأمن الذي يطالب بنشر الديمقراطية ليس في سوريا فحسب وانما لكل دول الشرق الاوسط. كما يلاحظ من قائمة رعاة قرار مجلس الأمن المجهض: المغرب وفرنسا وبريطانيا والولايات المتحدة والمانيا والبرتغال وكولومبيا وتوغو، وليبيا والبحرين والاردن والكويت وقطر والسعودية والامارات وعمان وتركيا: 6 من هذه الدول قوى كولونيالية سابقة و 8 ملكيات. هذا يدل على مقدار حبهم للديمقراطية.
كان ينبغي ان يضيف: والملكيات هي عبارة عن محميات للدول الكولونيالية السابقة والحالية، تعمل كمخلب قط لإعادة استعمار العالم.

Monday, February 6, 2012

U.S. of Israel obviously planning to invade Syria thru Golan Heights with Iranian false flag using straits of Hormuz as two prong attack/diversion

May we all be just and true and not accept being pushed into the wars manufactured for fools.

Muslims and Christians pray for all these folks, below is a Christian prayer:


U.S. and Israel Set Stage for False Flag and Iran Attack | Pakalert Press

U.S. and Israel Set Stage for False Flag and Iran Attack

Posted on on February 6, 2012

Kurt Nimmo

Events over the last several days reveal that the United States and Israel plan to conduct a false flag terror event to be blamed on Iran. The event will likely occur within the next six months and will result in an attack on Iran prior to the November election.

Obama’s intelligence chief, James Clapper (center), warned of Iranian terror attacks inside the United States.

Intelligence in U.S. and Israel Warn of Domestic Terror Attack

Officialdom in the United States and Israel have issued a warning about an Iranian “threat stream” against Israeli “soft targets” in America.

The warning arrives several days after Obama’s intelligence boss James Clapper said Iran may strike inside the United States,

“We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase… on both our guarded sites and ‘soft’ sites,” states a letter sent out by the head of security for the Israeli Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States.

Guarded sites are Israeli government facilities like embassies while soft sites are Jewish synagogues, schools, and community centers.

Yoram Cohen, the head of Israel’s security service Shin Bet, said recently that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will attack Israeli and Jewish targets abroad in response to the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

In January it was reported Mossad was behind the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan.

“The thwarted assassination plot of a Saudi official in Washington, D.C., a couple of months ago was an important data point,” a nameless official told ABC News, “in that it showed at least parts of the Iranian establishment were aware of the intended event and were not concerned about inevitable collateral damage to U.S. citizens had they carried out an assassination plot on American soil.”

Cohen linked the alleged threat to the discredited plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in October. A court document in the case revealed that the FBI and the DEA concocted the plot as a sting operation and used failed used car salesman and alcoholic Mansour Arbabsiar as a patsy. Arbabsiar, who is from Iran, thought he was participating in a drug deal.

Despite the fallacious nature of the plot, intelligence officials used it to hype the specter of Iranian terrorism that will likely result in a false flag operation used as a pretext to invade Iran.

“In the past few weeks, there has been an escalation in threats against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world,” an intelligence document cited by ABC News states. It warns that demonstrations against Israel “could potentially turn violent at local synagogues, restaurants, the Israeli Embassy and other Israeli sites.”

The Israeli bulletin also provides an excuse for the TSA to step-up intrusive pat-downs and demand travelers be subjected to dangerous naked body scanners at airports across the United States.

“According to our evaluation there is a possibility that the forged passports will be used in order to pass as Israeli citizens at the security checks in Israel and around the world. Israeli security authorities may consider an Israeli citizenship as a [criterion] to proceed with a more lenient security check in secure sites such as airports, etc.,” the bulletin explains.

The latest warning arrives two weeks after the Turkish newspaper Zaman reported that a cell of the Quds Unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard planned to attack U.S. embassy in Ankara and other targets across Turkey.

Fast Moving Timeline for War

The latest development follows a number of events over the past few weeks that point toward a concerted attack by Israel and then the United States on Iran:

• DEBKAfile reported earlier in the week that the United States will have 100,000 troops in the region by March. “Pentagon has been quietly massing troops and armaments on two islands located just south of the Strait of Hormuz, and within easy striking distance of Iran,” Mac Slavo wrote on January 31.

• On Friday, the establishment media reported that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said “there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June,” according to the Washington Post. The timeline is predicated on Iran entering an Israeli contrived “zone of immunity” in its unsubstantiated effort to build a nuclear bomb.

• Iran has issued a number of threats in response to punitive oil and economic sanctions devised by the United States and Europe. On Friday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a nationally televised speech that his country will retaliate if Western nations impose crippling oil sanctions. In January, in response to European Union foreign ministers deciding to impose an oil embargo on the country, Iran vowed to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

• Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Martin Dempsey admitted on January 9 that Iran has the ability to close off the strategic shipping lane linking the Gulf of Oman with the Persian Gulf. He said doing so would constitute a “red line.”

• In December, in response to Sec. Def. Panetta’s not ruling out an attack, Iran announced it would hold a military exercise in the Persian Gulf. The 10 day exercise, dubbed “Velayat-e 90,” demonstrated that Iran has the ability to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. further exacerbated the situation by sending the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis through the Strait of Hormuz while Iran was conducting its war game.

• Russia and China have indicated that an attack on Iran would constitute an attack on their national security. “Iran is our close neighbor, just south of the Caucasus. Should anything happen to Iran, should Iran get drawn into any political or military hardships, this will be a direct threat to our national security,” said Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister and former envoy to NATO, in mid-January.

War President: Re-electing Obama

In November, DEBKAfile said Obama will use war as a re-election tool. “President Barack Obama went on line to America’s senior allies, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with notice of his plan to attack Iran no later than September-October 2012 – unless Tehran halted its nuclear weaponization programs,” the neocon-connected subscriber-only publication predicted.

“Obama’s announcement was not perceived as a general directive to US allies, but a guideline to blow the dust off the contingency plans for a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities which stayed locked in bottom drawers for three years,” states the report, adding that “Obama’s announcement spurred Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Israel into girding their navies, air forces, ballistic units and anti-missile defense systems for the challenges ahead.”

Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague said in January his country has not ruled out military action against Iran. Britain had dispatched its “most formidable warship HMS Daring” to the Persian Gulf region prior to Hague’s remarks.

In 2010, as Obama’s job rating began its descent into the abyss, former Clintonite and Democrat operativeMark Penn said Obama needs a domestic terror attack to regain his popularity. In July of that year, another former Clintonite, Robert Shapiro, said the only thing can preserve the Obama presidency is war.

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, writing for the Financial Times. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

The late Washington Post columnist David Broder was more succinct. “With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran’s ambition to become a nuclear power, he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve,” he wrote in late 2010.

Tensions will undoubtedly rise if there is a terror attack inside the United States, either against an Israeli target or American one.

It would provide an airtight excuse to unleash the awesome power of the U.S. military against Iran and cast Obama in the adulatory light all “war presidents” receive as the masses fall in line and wave their flags and cheer on “our boys” as they decimate another country and engage in yet another bloody massacre of innocents.

Syria: If Egypt falls, Syria must follow Jan 28, 2011 18:03 EST

Sunday, February 5, 2012

God and His Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord - our right and duty to witness to Him: Sweet Liberty: Israel's Mossad: Black Ops and False Flags

To understand what is going on and why it is going on in Syria, see this link:

Israel Wants U.S. to Pressure Syria
Associated Press: In remarks published Monday, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel has "a long list of issues we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians, and it would be best done through the Americans."

God and His Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord - our right and duty to witness to Him: Sweet Liberty: Israel's Mossad: Black Ops and False Flags

Israel's Mossad

Black Ops and False Flags

What is the Mossad?

Mossad is a shell organization for Jewish/Israeli terrorism all over the world.

What is a False Flag?

Committing an atrocious act, and blaming another party or nation for it. The point is to turn public opinion against an entity, and have someone else fight your battles for you.


Churchill, who was 1/2 Jewish, leaked intelligence to Germany that Lusitania carried munitions, and then it was sent it in a U-boat infested area. The ship was supposedly torpedoed, and a massive bomb exploded, killing 1200.

This set the stage for Wilson to bring the USA into WW2, at a later date.


When government officials were away, Jewish-paid thugs went on a rampage in Berlin and some border towns.

Nazis were blamed, and world opinion favored Jews

Bromberg massacre

An estimated 58,000 German civilians lost their lives in the massacres carried out prior to the 1939 invasion. A website on the atrocity at Bromberg explains how Polish Bolshevik Jews massacred 5,500 Germans, on one 'Bloody Sunday, in 1939.

This was the flashpoint for the Polish invasion.

The King David Massacre

July 22, 1946

Jewish terrorists blew up a hotel, and killed 91 British soldiers, and blamed the atrocity on Arabs. When later caught, they said the British had a list of their Arab spies and were going to turn them over to the Palestinians.

The goal of the False Flag was to pit the British against the Palestinians.

Lavon affair

In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring

June 1968

Robert Kennedy is shot by a PLO bus-boy named Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy was running for President, and would have sought revenge over the Israeli killing of his brother.

The use of a Palestinian was a little too 'Hollywood'.

USS Liberty ....June 6th, 1967

Six fighters, three torpedo boats and two assault helicopters attacked the USS Liberty. There were 24 dead and 177 maimed. F-4 phantoms were enroute when President Johnson stopped the rescue.

Israel's plan was to blame Egypt, and have the US retaliate against Egypt.

September 5, 1972

Eight Palestinian "Black September" terrorists seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany. In the rescue attempt by West German authorities, nine of the hostages, and five terrorists were killed.

Israel, and it's Jews, are once again the victim, and the Palestinians are demons.

1976 ... Entebbe

Israel faked a hijacking to Kenya (Idi Imin was an Israeli puppet), and then pulled a rescue, portraying themselves as elite commandos.

Arabs looked like monsters and the Israelis, having suffered countless persecutions, have decided to fight back.


Abu Nidal, who was an Israeli Black Ops agent, attacked the Jewish Goldenberg's delicatessen in Paris. 6 were killed, and 20 were wounded, of which 2 were Jewish.

Pan Am flight 73

A 747 was enroute from Karachi, to Frankfurt, to its final destination of New York.

Four hijackers took control of the airplane, and for the next 16 hours, they held 379 passengers at gunpoint, while the pilots escaped. The plane was stormed and 20 died.

Beirut Marine barracks ...October 23,1983

241 Marines died when a truck packed with explosives blew up a Marine barracks at Beirut International Airport

Achille Lauro ...1985

Abu Abbas, and 15 Arabs, took over a cruise ship and threw a Leon Klinghoffer overboard. After two days of negotiations, the seajackers abandoned the ship.

In this False Flag, the Israelis turned world opinion against the Arabs, while once again portraying themselves as victims.

English policewoman shot....1984

In 1984, Zionist Jews staged a protest outside the Libyan embassy in London. Approximately 25 English Bobbies were used for crowd control. During the middle of the demonstration, a shot rang out and a female Bobby named Yvonne Fletcher was hit and killed.

The shot came from a building used by the Mossad to spy on the Libyan embassy, but the newspapers overlooked that and blamed Libya.

Israel used this false flag murder of Policewoman Fletcher, to turn world opinion against Libya.

Alia airliner...1985

Nidal's Black September group hit a jet with an SAM as it took off from Athens airport.

Although the rocket did not explode, it left a hole in the fuselage.

Lockerbie ....Dec 1988

Mossad blew up Pan AM 103 and blamed it on Libya. Unfortunately, the plane was late and blew up overland, and all the evidence pointed towards Israel.

Israel's goal was to demonize the Muslims, and lay the groundwork for 9/11.

AMIA ....1992

Mossad blew up AMIA and the Israeli Embassy in Argentina. Over 100 killed, and practically all of them were Argentineans.

Luxor, Egypt ... 1992

An attack on Luxor, by militants, in which 58 foreigners, most of them Swiss, were killed. Arabs blamed the Mossad.

Israel destroyed Egyptian tourism, and turned world opinion against Muslims.

Khobar Towers ...1996

Khobar Towers was bombed. It housed an F-15 unit.

Israel said it was done by Hezbollah, but US military investigators linked it to Mossad.

Karin-A...... 2000

Israel intercepted a ship, the Karin-A, in the Red Sea. The ship contained massive weapons, which Israel claimed were destined for the PLO. A Jewish arms dealer set it all up.

As a result, world opinion turned on the PLO, and Israel's slaughter of rock throwing Arab children wasn't questioned.

Two airports attacked .....1985

Terrorists of Abu Nidal's Black Sept. struck at the Rome and Vienna airports. Nineteen were killed at Schwechat Airport and three at the Rome airport.

LaBelle Disco ......1986

As part of a Libya False flag, the Mossad sent a series of false messages out of Tripoli, talking of an impending attack. The Mossad then bombed a German Disco, the Labelle Club, killing three and wounding 230. President Reagan was convinced it was a Libyan attack, and retaliated by bombing Libya

World opinion turned against Libya.

OKC Murrah Building ...1993

One of the Mossad's American arms, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), was concerned about the growth of Patriot movements such as Militias, so an attack was staged using a Timothy McVeigh patsy, who was out of Elohim City (Jewish-sponsored terror Mecca).

The real brains behind the OKC bombing were Andreas Strassmeir and Daniel Spiegelman, who were/are both Jewish.

The Zionists destroyed the Militia movement's credibility, and brought the FBI down on them.

Flight 840

TWA's Flight 840, a Boeing 727 flying from Rome to Athens with 115 passengers and seven crew members aboard, had already begun its descent toward the Athens international airport. Twenty minutes before landing, as it flew at 15,000 ft. over Argos, a town near the ancient site of Mycenae, an explosion shook the aircraft. Four were killed but 111 lived.

Once again, Israel planted the seed of "Arab" terrorism.

World Trade Center.... 1993

In Dec. 1992, an Israeli soldier, Nissim Toledano, was kidnapped and killed. The Israeli government rounded up 1600 members of Hamas, and deported 415 of them to the no-mans land between the Israeli and Lebanese borders. In the brutally inhospitable weather, these 415 Hamas members were stranded without food and shelter. Furthermore, the Israeli authorities stopped any humanitarian aid from reaching these people. With media focus on the deportees, it triggered international outrage against Israel, which was followed by international pressure on Israel that refused to go away. This time, Israel had bit off more than it could chew. It was time to ‘deflect’ pressure off Israel.

Israeli intelligence services went into action. A detailed process that is too long to elaborate here, hatched a plan. In the third week of February 1993, a truck bomb exploded in the basement of the World Trade Center building. Muslims used as scapegoats took the blame for it, while the real culprits were safely back in Israel. Thus world opinion and pressure was shifted away from Israel.

Port Arthur Massacre .....1996

A 2-man Israeli Counter-Terrorism team killed 35 at a remote tourist center at Port Arthur, Tasmania. The blame fell on a mentally challenged man named Martin Bryant, who has served as the designated patsy for this crime ever since.

Zionists got their long-awaited draconian gun control laws passed in Australia as a result of this massacre.

Birmingham ....1998

Birmingham abortion clinic bombed and two people killed.

As a result of the bombing, abortion opponents were portrayed as lunatics, while the Jewish-dominated abortion industry special laws passed to protect their trade.

Egyptair 990.....1999

Israel planted a thermite bomb in the aircraft tail.

USS Cole

Sayanims in the Pentagon had the Cole directed to a part in Yemen, where Israeli agents had Arab patsies approach the Cole with a small boat, in order to be seen by crewmen, while they attacked it with a shape charge.

Sept 11 .....2001

The most brazen of all Israeli attacks.

Flight 587....2001

Mossad blows up a Fl 587 out of NY, and it crashes in Rockaway.

Bali Bomb

Mossad sets off a micro nuke on the island of Bali, killing 182.

Israel blamed the attack on Al Qaeda (which is really an Israeli false flag patsy intel op), and the USA invaded Iraq.

Kenya missile .... 2002

In 2002, Israel claimed AL Qaeda shot two SAM missiles at a jet on take-off. Israel used this incident to help lay the groundwork for shooting down a US airliner.

Manila.... 2003

Mossad planted a bomb on a Manila ferry, killing 103.

Israel blamed the attack on Al Qaeda.

CIA Bomb In Gaza....2003

Three CIA agents are traveling in Gaza, when a Mossad bomb exploded.

Palestinians were blamed for the attack.

Madrid Train ... 2002

Mossad killed 198 in the Madrid bomb blast.

Al Queda was blamed.


Mossad bombed two airliners over Russia.

Israel claimed it was Al Qaeda.

Introduction to Israel
By Jackie Patru
What IS this all about? First we should attempt to determine what a Jew is, or isn't. Is a Jew a person who embraces a particular religion known as Judaism? Or, is it a Semitic person who traces his/her bloodline to the ancient tribe of Judah? Or is it both? Actually, it is neither. Their Biblical territory? The WORLD.

A Jewish Defector Warns AmericaUpdated
BENJAMIN FREEDMAN SPEAKS. In 1961, at the Willard Hotel, Mr. Freedman warned of the cabal laying plans for WWIII, and the genocide being committed by Israel on the Palestinian people figured heavily then as now. This is a repost, taken verbatim from the taped version of the speech.

The Zionist State (Harbinger of WWIII)
By Douglas Reed
A microscopic look behind the scenes at the manipulations, threats, bribes and murders committed in order to secure the vote by the United Nations, mandating the 'state' of Israel as a homeland for the so-called Jews. A gruesome picture of the bloody terror in Palestine that began simultaneously with the UN mandate. This a MUST READ, even for those who believe they know the facts.

Rothschild-Israeli Connection
Baron Edmond James (Avrahim Binyamin) de Rothschild (1845-1934) is known as the "Father of the Settlement" (Avi ha-Yishuv). The Independence Day coin is dedicated to the memory of Rothschild and marks the centenary of his first projects in Israel.

The Kol Nidre
The first and most important prayer of the Talmudist (Jewish) Holiday. "All vows , obligations, oaths, and anathemas. . . from this Day of Atonement until the next. . . we do repent.. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths."

Purim: What's It All About?
G.W.Bush announced 'his' decision to sack Iraq on Purim Eve, March 17th, 2003. WHY? Why Purim Eve? It was not his plan, it was the plan of his advisors/handlers. On CNN that evening, a boxed quote told the viewers, it was "A Time Of Our Choosing." Whose choosing? Read this about Purim -- the Feast of Lots, and you will KNOW who chose the time for the massacre in Iraq. "On Purim, the Jews reaffirm their allegiance to Judaism -- and reach new spiritual heights. But then come masquerades, parodies, and serious drinking and feasting." Celebrating the death of their named 'enemies'.

Samuel Untermeyer's Speech
A transcript of Samuel Untermyer's speech made on WABC, declaring a 'holy war' by the Jews against Germany, and appealing to the masses of non-Jewish humanity to boycott German-made imports and all merchants who have German-made items in their establishments. The entire speech was published in the New York times on the morning following the broadcast (August 7th, 1933) which was mentioned by Benjamin Freedman in his talk before a group of patriots.

The ProtocolsUpdated
A chapter from the Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed
"Uncanny knowledge, therefore, again seems to have inspired the statement, made in 1905 or earlier: 'Ever since that time' (the French Revolution) 'we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another... By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness'."

Israel: The Jewel-Box of the World
ISRAEL - THE ARTIFICIAL 'NATION/STATE' IS THE WEALTHIEST 'NATION' IN THE WORLD! READ: Message To Israel: May 1971: "See how this central piece of land, that is given the preeminence over all other land by God is, 'The Jewel Box of the World'. . . They [minerals in the dead sea] are estimated to have a total market value of about $1700 billion [$1.7 trillion] which is far more than the total wealth of the United States. . . This means that the Dead Sea will be a perpetual source of wealth to the nation that controls it."

The Cost of "Occupied" Israel to the American People
By Richard Curtiss
"Put another way, the nearly $14,630 every one of 5.8 million Israelis had received from the U.S. government by October 31, 1997, cost American taxpayers $23,241 per Israeli. That's $116,205 for every Israeli family of five."

The Finest Senate Money Can Buy
By Uri Avenim, member of Israeli Knesset
"One thing, however, is quite clear: Israel is not the 51st state of the United States of America, as some would like to think; rather, the US Congress is one of the occupied areas of Israel."

Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Israel Speech Bill Through U.S. House of Representatives
This bill was introduced some time ago by Rick Santorum, 'Christian' Senator from Penna. The original bill would withhold 'federal funds' from a college that allowed ANY criticism of Israel. WHO controls the U.S. Congress?

Oscar Levy, a Jew, Admits His People's Error
"We (Jews) have erred, my friend; we have most grievously erred. And if there was truth in our error 3,000, 2,000, nay, 100 years ago, there is now nothing but falseness and madness... a madness that will produce an even greater misery and an even wider anarchy. There has been no progress, least of all moral progress. . . And it is just our Morality, which has prohibited all real progress, and -- what is worse -- which even stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours."

Disraeli's "Coningsby' - An Excerpt
(London, 1844)
"And at the moment, in spite of centuries, or tens of centuries, of degradation, the Jewish mind exercises a vast influence on the affairs of Europe. I speak not of their laws, which you still obey; of their literature, with which your minds are saturated, but of the living Hebrew intellect."

The Ship Wreckers
By George Lincoln Rockwell
"... in spite of all the fronts and cover-ups, there is one sure way of knowing who is the real boss anyplace."

Israel-Backed Firm Buys U.N. Plaza
Capital Real Estate, a New York-based company backed by Israeli shekels is now in contract to buy the glamorous green glass U.N. Plaza from the United Nations Development Corp. for approximately $161 million.

Israeli Extremists and Christian Fundamentalists - The Alliance
By Grace Halsell
"By the time my book came out those "crazies" were on the front page of every American newspaper and on every news channel. we are seeing how the Christian Zionists, motivated by religious beliefs, are working hand in glove with politically motivated, militant Jewish Zionists around the world."

A Lobby to Reckon With: Pro-Israel Christian Zionists
BBC Broadcast and transcript.
America's new Christian Zionists lobbying for Israel. "From this we see that the engine driving the U.S. and Israel into an all out world conflagration is -- along with the money from the Jewish PACs which control the U.S. Congress -- the Christian Zionists. Judeo-Christian wasn't quite 'Jewish' enough. What an oxymoron, and what a spit-in-the-face of Jesus." Jackie Patru

Israel Wants U.S. to Pressure Syria
Associated Press: In remarks published Monday, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Israel has "a long list of issues we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians, and it would be best done through the Americans."

Greater Israel: What Does It Really Mean?
The U.S. led war on Iraq... and eventually many other Muslim nations may be part of an Israeli plan to let others die for the goal of its expansion into Greater Israel. Extremist Zionist sympathizers in Bush's administration are the perpetrators of this scheme to have American military men and women die for Israel. See the arguments for this claim. Webmaster's note: This document is lengthy and is full of maps and other images. Please allow extra time for loading.

American Murdered by Israeli Soldier
Hoffman Wire: "Rachel Corrie, 23, is the American woman who was killed by an Israeli soldier operating a giant, D-9 armored bulldozer (paid for with your tax dollars). Congress, the president and the war-Zionist media are all silent. Imagine if she had been killed by an Iraqi!"

Rachel Corrie's E-mails Home
The Guardian - UK: "23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the Israeli army destroying homes in the Gaza Strip. In a remarkable series of emails to her family, she explained why she was risking her life."

Four Eye-witnesses Describe the Murder of Rachel Corrie
"Her faced showed she was panicking and it was clear she was in danger of being overwhelmed. . . They pushed Rachel, first beneath the scoop, then beneath the blade, then continued till her body was beneath the cockpit. They waited over her for a few seconds, before reversing. They reversed with the blade pressed down, so it scraped over her body a second time. Every second I believed they would stop but they never did."

Rachael Corrie's Memorial Service Disrupted by Israeli Army The Guardian - UK: "Israeli forces fired teargas and stun grenades yesterday in an attempt to break up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist killed by an army bulldozer in Gaza on Sunday."

Rachael Corrie's mom speaks up and out
. . . about the Israeli genocide on Palestinians: "Friday, approximately twenty [Israeli] military vehicles surrounded the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) media office, seized ISM computers and video equipment, pillaged files and photos, broke equipment and damaged office space. Three females in the office (one from Human Rights Watch, a Palestinian volunteer, and an American volunteer) were taken away."

Israel - The Secret Arsenal of the Jewish State
MSNBC Interactive: "Despite Israel's refusal to acknowledge its nuclear weapons status, its secret arsenal is an open secret that Israeli policy makers don't go out of their way to deny." Look at the dots on this map! 2 Air Bases, 7 Strategic Weapons Plants and 3 Missile Facilities! It appears that no nation should have WMDs except U.S., U.K and Israel.

Israeli Professor: 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'
"We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under." [It's called The Samson Option, folks.]

What Christians Don't Know About Israel
By Grace Halsell
“We believe with absolute certitude that right now, with the White House in our hands, the Senate in our hands and The New York Times in our hands, the lives of others do not count the same way as our own.” —Israeli journalist, Arieh Shavit

Jewish Calendar for Soldiers and Sailors
Actual calendar, showing Bush family heritage.

Tell a Joke, Go to Jail
"In Hungary, the democratically-elected Parliament just last week passed a law stipulating a two-year prison term for 'someone who publicly insults a Jew'. What's more, if the insult amounts to an expression of 'hatred', the sentence goes up to three years! Fortunately, at the last moment, Hungary's President declined to sign the bill. It will be back, just like the American Federal hate-crime legislation kept coming back until it was passed recently.

Israel's Mossad
Black Ops and False Flags. Summary - MUST SEE! You WILL believe!

New Order > From the President of the United States
Jewish American Heritage Month, 2006
For our visitors who haven't read "Jewish Persecution", go to Chapters 12 and 18 if you would like to see the influence these people have had in the past -- early, early settling America, including the not-so-spontaneous American Revolution. A tough, bitter pill to swallow. -Jackie

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