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Monday, December 24, 2012

Qatar and Saudi Arabia Turn Syrian Revolution into Regional Conflict « Kawther Salam

Qatar and Saudi Arabia Turn Syrian Revolution into Regional Conflict « Kawther Salam

Qatar and Saudi Arabia Turn Syrian Revolution into Regional Conflict

Dr. Ghazwan Akta’a, an Austrian dentist of Syrian origin and one of the representatives of the Syrian National opposition in Vienna, clarified during a frank dialogue that both USA and Israel are deeply involved in the Syrian atrocities, and standing together with them are Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who want to change the objectives of the Syrian revolution. He said: “instead of a revolution by the people against the Syrian ruling dictatorial regime, these extraneous elements want to use the Syrian revolution to fight, on Syrian territory, against Iran, with full support of Israel and USA”.
He added: “They are hijacking our revolution to serve their interests and their regional goals. To attain their objectives they are colluding to prolong the revolution battles indefinitely with the aim of destroying the Syrian infrastructure, cities, organizations civilization, culture, property … and turning Syria into a regional conflict directed against their common enemy Iran, what corresponds to the Gulf States political agendas and not to the intentions and aspirations of the Syrian people, who ONLY want an end to the bloody Assad regime, a dictatorship which has already lasted for many decades”. He stated that USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are directing a war from the Syrian territories and they want this war to continue in Syria while at the same time maintaining the security and interests of Israel in the Middle East, especially its borders in the occupied Syrian territory in the Golan Heights.
The remarks of Dr. Akta’a came during a meeting in Vienna. The meeting took place on the sidelines of an organized breakfast for the benefit of Syrian refugees. The meeting was attended by president of the Austrian Arab Doctors and Pharmacists Union Dr. Tammam Kelani and a number of other representatives of the Syrian and Arab communities in Austria.
About the revolution, Dr. Akta’a said: “There is a real revolution in Syria in contrary to what happened in other Arab States such as Tunisia and Egypt”. He added: “The seeds of the Syrian revolution have been present in Syria for many decades because of the injustice, poverty, oppression and bloody crimes committed by the repressive Assad dictatorship against the Syrian people”. Dr. Aktaa made it clear saying that there are different states who want to steal the Syrian revolution in order to achieve their own objectives by corrupting the media and politics, by giving monetary bribes to rebels favoured by them and by infiltrating the ranks of the rebels in an attempt to distract the revolution from its intended aims in order to serve their plans and their conspiracy.

And Dr. Aktaa explained that both Qatar and Saudi Arabia are offering monetary bribes to those who declare allegiance to them. According to him, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are implementing the US-Israeli policy in the region as a part of their international political designs. Neither Qatar not Saudi Arabia want their loyalty to the USA and Israel to come out into the open, and both are using money to corrupt the politics and the revolution in Syria.
He said that the military formations and armed battalions involved in the revolution are divided into two parts: first there are the Islamic armed squads funded by the State of Qatar. The second part is made up of five military fronts and is funded by Saudi Arabia. He added: “Both parties require that their fighters declare their loyalty to them instead of the popular aims of the Syrian revolution in order to provide them with financial support”.
He stated that the Saudis and Qataris are aiming at provoking a split between the militant fighters and the political revolutionary factions (rebels), and deepening the split between the rebels and fighters, stressing that both Qatar and Saudi Arabia (and the Golf countries) are locked in a battle against Iran from inside the Syrian territory and they want the fight to continue for as long as it fits their and the Americans-Israeli (their allies/masters) agenda.
He also confirmed what the Syrian regime has repeatedly said about a regional conspiracy, saying that the Syrian regime is telling the truth in order to cover up and avoid the consequences of their crimes. He stated that the interest in this war of the Syrian dictatorial, corrupt and fascist regime is to stay in power at any cost, and that to this end they will denounce a regional conspiracy while at the same time participating in it. Of course, the Syrian regime does not identify with the cause of the Syrians and their political demands.
According to Dr. Aktaa, both Russia and Iran support Syria’s dictatorial regime and both are ready to get themselves involved into a bloody war over its survival. At the same time, USA, israel and their vasallies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and their hangers-on, do not want to provide meaningful support to the rebels in order to resolve the battle according to the will of the majority of Syrians, namely ending the Assad dictatorial regime, but instead they want a long-term war in Syria which should ultimately destroy the country, which is why they are supporting and infiltrating foreign terrorist groups.
Dr. Aktaa gave some examples to explain what he said. He stated that two months go, Libya had provided three military aircraft full of weapons and equipment for the Syrian rebels in order to resolve the battle of Hama. The aircraft landed at the airport of Gaziantep inside Turkish territory. The aircraft and all personnel and equipment were grounded by the Turkish military, who called in a committee with representatives of US, British, Turkish, Qatari and Saudi intelligence agencies who checked all the combat equipment, everything.
The committee then decided what could or could not be sent on. Their decision was that most of the equipment was prevented from being sent to the rebels because it would have enabled them to achieve a decisive victory in Hama. This was in accordance with their political interests in the region and prejudicing the long-term best interest of the Syrian people.
Other examples given by Dr. Aktaa were Turkey not according the status of refugees to Syrians fleeing the war so as to not give them any rights which this status entails. Instead, they are given temporary staying as guests.
Jordan, a dependable vassal of israel and the USA since the times of King Hussein, has resorted to throwing Syrians into camps “where not even cockroaches would want to live”. In view of this, Jordanian families had started adopting Syrians from these camps. The Jordanian regime reacted to this by threatening anybody who adopts Syrian refugee families with “severe punishment”.
The EU, according to Dr. Aktaa, has resorted to a strategy similar to what they are doing with the PA: while in word (and for propaganda) the EU and various EU countries have “recognized” the “Council” as the true representatives of the Syrian people, in fact they have kept the embassies of the Assad regime in place.
Dr. Aktaa said that the honorable thing for the Austrian government to do would be to remove its troops from the Golan Heights. They are seen by the majority of Syrians as supporting an illegal and illegitimate occupation of their national territory. According to the doctor, all countries involved in the atrocities in Syria are only interested in furthering israeli interests to the grave detriment of Syrians.

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