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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Palestine Cry: Syria invaded by insurgents - Palestinians oppressed by the same

Syria invaded by insurgents - Palestinians oppressed by the same

The Nazis simply went to North America and South America and Syria and Palestine etc. ...etc. ...etc. ...

Gladio and The Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of Nazi insurgency into the whole earth are all tied to the Nazi hatred of Catholicsm and Islam, which hatred they shared with the Zionist-Communists: Nazis in Socialist drag

The Führer Myth: How Hitler Won Over the German People

The Führer Myth: How Hitler Won Over the German People

By Ian Kershaw
Part 3: Vast Approval for Hitler's Iron Fist
January 30, 2008 – 04:05 PM

The withdrawal from the League of Nations in 1933, the Saar plebiscite in 1935, the re-introduction of compulsory military service and announcement of a big new Wehrmacht the same year, the re-militarization of the Rhineland in 1936 and the "Anschluss" or annexation of Austria two years later were all seen as huge national triumphs, openly demonstrating the weakness of the western powers which had lorded it over Germany since the war, and a feat -- unimaginable only a few years earlier -- solely possible through Hitler's "genius" as a statesman. Even oppositional circles were forced to concede this, as a Sopade report on the reactions to the introduction of the military conscription in March 1935 illustrates:

"Enormous enthusiasm on March 17. All of Munich was out on the streets. You can force a people to sing, but you can't force them to sing with that kind of enthusiasm. I experienced the days of 1914 and I can only say, that the declaration of war didn’t make the same impression on me as the reception for Hitler on March 17. … The trust in Hitler's political talent and honest will is becoming greater, as Hitler has increasingly gained ground amongst the people. He is loved by many."

The Sudetenland crisis in the summer of 1938, as the threat of war loomed ever larger, posed the first significant challenge to the image, which Hitler had earlier sought to cultivate, of the fanatical defender of Germany's rights who had restored his country's standing in the world but had striven to avoid bloodshed. The western powers then, at Munich at the end of September, allowed Hitler one final great triumph in foreign policy -- even if it was one which, inwardly, he resented, since he had been set on war over Czechoslovakia.

The resignation, rather than enthusiasm, that greeted war when it finally arrived in September 1939 again shows that Hitler had extended his popular support during the Third Reich's peacetime years on a false prospectus. Most people wanted the preservation of peace. Hitler had sought war. He effectively admitted the need to mislead the public in a confidential address to representatives of the German press in November 1938, when he remarked:

Unlimited German Conquest

"Circumstances have forced me to almost only speak of peace for decades. It was only through the continued emphasis on the German desire for peace and peaceful intentions that it was possible to give the German people the arms that were always a requirement for the next step."
For the vast majority of Germans, the restoration of national pride and military strength, the overthrowing of the Versailles Treaty and the expansion of the Reich to incorporate ethnic Germans from Austria and the Sudetenland were goals in themselves. Most could not, or would not, comprehend, that for Hitler and the Nazi leadership they were the prelude to a war of unlimited German conquest.

In addition to his presumed achievements in bolstering Germany's external standing, Hitler unquestionably won much support through what was taken to be the restoration of "order" at home. Nazi propaganda had been influential in the last, crisis-ridden years of the Weimar Republic, in instilling in much of the population an exaggerated image of criminality, decadence, social disorder and violence (much of which the Nazis themselves had instigated). Once in power, Hitler had much to gain through seeming to represent "people's justice," and the "wholesome national sensibility." His public image was that of the upholder of public morality who would clamp down, wherever he encountered it, on those posing a threat to law and order.

At the end of June 1934, Hitler took what many thought was ruthless but necessary action to crush the leadership of the SA, an increasingly unpopular sector of his own Movement. In his Reichstag speech of 13 July 1934, Hitler took personal responsibility for the murders that had taken place. What had in reality been a brutal, Machiavellian power-political coup was portrayed as a necessary move to crush an imminent internal threat to the nation and to root out corruption and immorality. Hitler emphasized the homosexuality, loose living and extravagant life-style of Ernst Röhm and other SA leaders. Playing on existing, commonly-held prejudice, he was able to override any adherence to fundamental legal principles by claiming to have acted in the national interest as the highest judge of the German people.

Upswing in Support

Instead of condemnation for his authorization of mass murder, he reaped extensive approval for appearing to have acted ruthlessly to eradicate the evils and misdeeds that endangered the nation. "Through his energetic actions the Führer has hugely won over the broad masses, particularly those who had still reacted hesitantly to the Movement; he is not only admired, he is idolized," was the verdict in one confidential report from within the lower levels of the regime's bureaucracy. Many other reports echoed the same sentiments. Reports filtering out of Social Democrat oppositional circles -- whose main thrust was, naturally, criticism of the regime -- acknowledged the upswing in support for Hitler.
According to one report from Bavaria: "In general, it has unfortunately become clear that the people don't think politically. They think, 'now Hitler has created order, now things will go forward -- the saboteurs who sought to hinder his work have been destroyed.'" A report from Berlin added: "Hitler's authority is strengthened in the widest circles. Increasingly, one hears people saying: 'Hitler is cracking down.'"

The view that Hitler had brought order to Germany was one that persisted well into the postwar era. That, despite "mistakes" (presumably those which had brought his country's ruination through war, and death and destruction to millions) he had "cleaned up" Germany, putting an end to disorder, stamping out criminality, making the streets safe to walk again at night, and improving moral standards, belonged -- together with the credit for eradicating mass unemployment and building the motorways -- to the lasting elements of the Führer Myth.

Alongside economic recovery, rebuilding military strength and restoring "order," Hitler gained support by personifying the "positive" values invested in national unity and the "Volksgemeinschaft" or national community. Propaganda incessantly depicted him as the stern but understanding paterfamilias, prepared to sacrifice normal human contentments and to work day and night for no other end than the good of his people. Whatever the frequent criticism of his underlings and the negative image of the "little Hitlers" -- the Party functionaries whom people daily encountered and often found wanting -- Hitler himself was widely perceived as standing aloof from sectional interests and material concerns, his selflessness contrasting with the greed and corruption of the Party big-wigs.

Goebbels' published ritual incantations to "our Hitler" each year on his birthday, and the popular photographic books mass produced by Heinrich Hoffmann (each selling in huge numbers) which seemingly revealed the "private" Hitler -- "The Hitler Nobody Knows" (1932), "Youth Around Hitler“ (1934), "Hitler in his Mountains" (1935) and "Hitler Off Duty“ (1937) -- all aimed to highlight the "human" side of the Führer and show that his "heroic" qualities arose from the very fact that he was a "man of the people."

Palestine Cry: Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam: For University Students, Jericho Is Now Guantanamo - The Palestinian National Authority “security forces” (PNA Militia) working under the command of USA representative Lt. Gen. Michael Moeller, has arrested of a number of students - Recently US Lt.Gen. Moeller was replaced by Admiral Paul Bushong, who was assigned as “security coordinator” within the American project to undermine the Palestinian cause and resistance to occupation and genocide perpetrated against us by israel and its friends everywhere.  - The PNA is implementing an American-Israeli plan called “Iron Fist” to suppress all opposition to the Israeli occupation and to take full control and power over the occupied West Bank. The “security plan smile and hope” was initiated by the previous occupier US General Keith Dayton on April 15 2008.

Special Palestine Cry Blog articles: Palestinian Marines Training in US and EU


Lieutenant General Keith Dayton 


50 members of the Palestinian Naval Commando operations are training in Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary in coordinating with EU, and 25 of Palestinian Naval Commandos are being training in the United States under an agreement reached between one of the former PA elements who escaped from Gaza, Mohammad Dahlan, and the U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones, as well as Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton. The training of the Palestinian Commandos is part of a plan and preparation for invading Gaza and topple Hamas.


Muhammad Dahlan...


Special Palestine Cry Blog articles: US/EU Plan to Invade Gaza and Topple Hamas

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC), stated that Dahlan has implemented several steps in his plan which includes the following:
- In collaboration with a number of EU states, Dahlan reached an agreement to train 50 Palestinian components of the naval commando operations in Croatia, Serbia, Hungary .
- In collaboration with USA, 25 elements of Dahlans death squads, the so-called “Palestinian Naval Commandos” are being training in the United States under an agreement reached between Dahlan and the U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones as well as Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton.
The USA, EU, Israel, Egypt and some Arab countries have received a copy of the shameful bloody plan of the traitor Dahlan who previously fled from Gaza after he had embezzled over three million dollars and who now wants to suck three million more to return to the same place he was forced to flee.
According to the same sources (PIC), the plan was met with approval by the Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. It was reported that Diskin, head of the zionist internal security service “Shin Bet” read the details of the plan, and went immediately to meet with Netanyahu and the national security adviser Uzi Arad.

Palestine Cry: Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam:

...zionist death-squad runner Keith Dayton, the US General who trained the PA “security forces” until October 2010 to operate like death squads and was then replaced by the US war criminal Lt. Gen. Michael Moeller.

Since Musa received his post as Governor of Jenin in 2004 he had been the right hand of Keith Dayton and he engaged in the widespread liquidation of the Palestinian resistance in Jenin. Governor Musa adopted the theory of an “iron security grip” against the resistance in Jenin, especially when dealing with Hamas and Al-Aqsa brigade figures. His policy created bad relationship between him and the leaders of the resistance. He imprisoned many dozens of Palestinian and filled the cells with Palestinian patriots, from the resistance and the politicians and anybody in between who dared to even speak against the occupation. He handed a number of them to the Israeli army and he lead several operation in which resistance members were murdered by the PA death squads.

CIA terrorists (2)

Hamas and U.S. sponsored terrorism in Gaza (2)

US Supports Terrorism under Guise of "War on Terror" 
Michel Chossudovsky
Posted on: March 11, 2013

US Supports Terrorism under Guise of "War on Terror"
by grtv

Political analyst Michel Chossudovsky tells Press TV that US is supporting terrorism in Syria under the guise of ‘war on terrorism’.

The US and Europe have supplied militants fighting inside Syria against President Bashar al-Assad with arms from Croatia, a new report by Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List says. The report said weapons, which date back to the time of former Yugoslavia, have been paid for by Saudi Arabia at the request of the US. The Syrian crisis began in March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, have been killed.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Michel Chossudovsky, with the Centre for Research on Globalization (Montreal), to further discuss the issue of war on Syria.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview with Michel Chossudovsky.

Press TV: Thirteen million dollars worth of weapons for the militants are being provided by the UK. Meanwhile, training is also being provided by France as well as the US.

Now, why don’t these countries just come out and say it that they are basically waging a proxy war in Syria, the prime objective being not human rights, not democracy, but just the removal of Bashar al-Assad at any cost?

Chossudovsky: I think what we are witnessing is the criminal nature of US foreign policy where covert support is being supplied to terrorists to wage their war. It is their war and it is a very cynical and criminal process.

It was my understanding that when John Kerry were to take over the position of Secretary of State that he would seek a diplomatic path but what has happened is the heightened support to al-Nusra terrorists which in fact are the foot soldiers of the western military alliance.

And we have to bear in mind that this is something which has occurred from day one in Dara, almost two years ago in the middle of March 2011 when death squads came in from neighboring countries involved in killing civilians.

And the only way which the United States and its allies can sustain their legitimacy is to the blatant manipulation of the facts by the western media.

The al-Nusra terrorist is the only military entity, the FSA (Free Syrian Army) as a military entity, as a faction, it was defeated and what the United States and its allies providing so-called non-lethal military aid to Syria but in effect bringing in thousands of tons of weapons, plane loads from Croatia is tantamount to war crimes and acts which are bordering on a genocide because it is directed against an entire civilian population.
Press TV: Absolutely. Now the UN refugee agency’s head is right now in Turkey and he spoke of violence spilling over causing “an explosion” in the Middle East.

Do you think the US and its allies have calculated that in or are they willing to take that risk?

Chossudovsky: They have various scenarios. Direct military intervention has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon, in liaison with Turkey, Israel for months now.

It is important to point out that recent consultations between Israel and NATO in Brussels are precisely in that direction that was last week when the President of Israel Shimon Peres with the delegation met with the NATO executives behind closed doors.

But we are in a situation whereby the United States is supporting terrorism under the disguise of a so-called war on terrorism and the media lies which sustain this are absolutely mind-boggling that people do not realize that these al-Nusra terrorists are in fact an instrument of the western military alliance.

And what I think is happening is a process of actually destroying Syria as a sovereign nation state. That is the objective of the western military alliance, Washington, Brussels, and its allies Turkey, Israel and of course the front-line Arab states, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Press TV: OK and very quickly if you can, Mr. Chossudovsky, this does seem a lot like what we saw taking place in Afghanistan when the US armed groups to fight the soviets who had invaded Afghanistan and then later those groups became the Taliban, the al-Qaeda which have become “a problem” for the US and their so-called war on terror.

Do you think that this is the end game for the US?

Chossudovsky: Well, you know, the recruitment of death squads is part of a well-established US military agenda. It has a very long history.

It is a gruesome process of funding and supporting terror brigades and it goes back to the Vietnam war, it precedes the war in Afghanistan. But yes, al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. Everybody knows that.

And al-Qaeda continues to be a US-sponsored intelligence asset which is being used to destabilize sovereign countries as well as wage terror activities on behalf of the western military alliance.

We are dealing with the criminalization of the American State where dealing with governments which have abandoned any commitment to the value of human life, we can see it with the targeted assassinations which are now ongoing in the United States and which are legal and so on.

So this is the agenda of the United States of America. It is a very sad period in the world history.

Afghanistan - trained United States insurgents like those sent to terrorize Latin America

Terrorist Training Camp - Fort Benning, Georgia

School of the Americas Watch - The US Army School of Americas (SOA), based in Fort Benning, Georgia, trains Latin American soldiers in combat, counter-insurgency, and counter-narcotics. Graduates of the SOA are responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America. Among the SOA's nearly 60,000 graduates are notorious dictators Manuel Noriega and Omar Torrijos of Panama, Leopoldo Galtieri and Roberto Viola of Argentina, Juan Velasco Alvarado of Peru, Guillermo Rodriguez of Ecuador, and Hugo Banzer Suarez of Bolivia. Lower-level SOA graduates have participated in human rights abuses that include the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero and the El Mozote Massacre of 900 civilians.

Fort Benning School Braces for Protesters by Yolanda Rodriguez, November 19, 2000 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution - As many as 12,000 protesters against the U.S. Army's School of the Americas are expected at Fort Benning in Columbus today. Thousands will risk arrest, in what has become an annual tradition, when they join a procession that crosses onto the military base.

America's Terrorist Training Camp What's the difference between Al Qaeda and Fort Benning? By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 30th October 2001 "If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents," George Bush announced on the day he began bombing Afghanistan, "they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril." I'm glad he said "any government", as there's one which, though it has yet to be identified as a sponsor of terrorism, requires his urgent attention.
Backyard terrorism The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it George Monbiot Tuesday October 30, 2001 The Guardian

Is the US Training Terrorists? By Jordan Green & Chris Kromm The Nation November 27, 2001 Father Roy Bourgeois, the charismatic Jesuit priest who has, since 1990, led the annual protest against against the United States' most infamous military training facility, wasn't sure it would happen this year. But in mid-September he called around to assess the resolve of the movement. Response was unanimous. "It's very important that we be here, because at the very core of this issue is violence," said Bourgeois. "We're going to mourn the thousands killed on September 11, but we cannot forget the 75,000 in El Salvador who were victims of terrorists trained at the School of the Americas."

CIA and School of the Americas by Raymond Ker America's evil actions in the past are backfiring on its own citizens today. The Taliban and bin Laden were the creation of the CIA who in 1979 recruited the most vicious and radical fundamentalist fanatics from Saudi Arabia and other Arab and Muslim countries and utilized the enormous budget allocated by the US Administration to train, arm and finance them. Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor during that era, admitted that the intention was to unleash the mojahedin on the Russians who were supporting the government in Afghanistan. This furthered the Americans' Cold War agenda but resulted in the destruction of Afghanistan. It also illustrates the shear inhumanity, racism and stupidity of US foreign policy. These terrorists soon became autonomous of their US masters and almost immediately started pursuing their own fundamentalist vision in North Africa (assassination of Anwar Sadat), Middle East, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, SE Asia, etc. And then, finally, the World Trade Centre. ... the terrorist training camp in Fort Benning, Georgia, named euphemistically: the Western Hemisphere Institute for Institute for Security Cooperation - WHISC. It was formed in Panama in 1946 and named the School of the Americas (SOA) in 1963 under John F. Kennedy. It was then moved to Georgia in 1984 under terms of the Panama Canal Treaties. This delightful venue has trained 60,000 Latin Americans from whose ranks were spawned the most vicious torturers, homicidal maniacs, state terrorists and despots, who have terrorized and perpetrated genocidal warfare against the civilian populations of Central and South America for five decades. These are the front-line troops enforcing the US "full spectrum dominance" in the economic, political and military arenas. This includes the death or disappearance of 200,000 Guatemalans and innumerable other atrocities.

Backyard Terrorism: The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it - By George Monbiot, The Guardian, 30 October 2001 "If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents," George Bush announced on the day he began bombing Afghanistan, "they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril." I'm glad he said "any government", as there's one which, though it has yet to be identified as a sponsor of terrorism, requires his urgent attention. For the past 55 years it has been running a terrorist training camp, whose victims massively outnumber the people killed by the attack on New York, the embassy bombings and the other atrocities laid, rightly or wrongly, at al-Qaida's door. The camp is called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or Whisc. It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by Mr Bush's government. Until January this year, Whisc was called the "School of the Americas", or SOA. Since 1946, SOA has trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers and policemen. Among its graduates are many of the continent's most notorious torturers, mass murderers, dictators and state terrorists. As hundreds of pages of documentation compiled by the pressure group SOA Watch show, Latin America has been ripped apart by its alumni. In June this year, Colonel Byron Lima Estrada, once a student at the school, was convicted in Guatemala City of murdering Bishop Juan Gerardi in 1998. Gerardi was killed because he had helped to write a report on the atrocities committed by Guatemala's D-2, the military intelligence agency run by Lima Estrada with the help of two other SOA graduates. D-2 coordinated the "anti-insurgency" campaign which obliterated 448 Mayan Indian villages, and murdered tens of thousands of their people. Forty per cent of the cabinet ministers who served the genocidal regimes of Lucas Garcia, Rios Montt and Mejia Victores studied at the School of the Americas.

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