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Saturday, March 16, 2013

TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Network, including the Official Catholic Directory of Traditional Latin Masses

TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Network, including the Official Catholic Directory of Traditional Latin Masses

The Key sign and total proof of absolute condemnation of Bergoglio-Pseudo Francis is this: Masonic Novus Ordo. See below. He is the sixth false prophet since the 1958 conclave of The Great Apostasy. Have nothing to do with him or Rome. The next short time should be quite telling in what he does in regard to fallen Rome and the Holy Land and the Blasphemers of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Antichrist Judeo-Mason Satanists. It seems almost certain he will capitalize on his "name" of "Francis" and in remaining a servant of the Black Pope at the same time will go to the Holy Land as a False Prophet of "Assisi" - "peace." Watch the Apostate Jews' response for the cheering of the damned at his arrival.

TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Network, including the Official Catholic Directory of Traditional Latin Masses

March 19, 2013 - St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Feast of the Second Class

Francis-Bergolio's First "Mess" Shows Rampant Novus Ordoism
The Protestant Dinner Table Is Back!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sistine Chapel

On His First Day as Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio Hauls the Novus Ordo Dinner Table
Back into the Sistine Chapel to "Perform" the Novus Ordo for the Newcardinals
Christ the Judge Looks down on Bergoglio form Michelangelo's Last Judgment Fresco
As if to Say: See the Hell that Awaits Those Who Destroy My True Church!

Just as TRADITIO predicted when the 2007 "Motu" was issued, Benedict-Ratzinger's Half Novus Ordo Vatican II Latin Mess of 1962+ was not likely to survive his death. The pseudo-traditionalists immediately jumped onto the Newchurch bandwagon in that year, hawking what was called the "Extraordinary" Mess, a term that had was a completely unCatholic neologism by Ratzinger, who, for the first time in Church history, established an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service officially as the "Ordinary" Mess for his New Order sect. That Mess was engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini to serve as a half-way stepping stone to the full-blown invalid Novus Ordo service of 1969.

The clueless pseudo-traditionalists, who drooled to get "communion" with the New Order sect, swallowed Ratzinger's deception wholeheartedly. Of course, they completely ignored the fact that the clerks simulating the "Motu" Mess were not even priests validly ordained "to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the living and the dead," but were merely invalid presbyters installed "to preside over the assembly of the people" at the Novus Ordo service under the invalid New Ordinal of 1969.

On the first full day of Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapacy, the pseudo-traditionalists were beginning to see the handwriting on the wall for the demise of their phony "Motu" Mess. Back in the Sistine Chapel for the First Mess Pro Ecclesia on March 14, 2013, was the Novus Ordo dinner table, barbarically concealing the artistic beauty of Michelangelo's artwork in the Sistine Chapel. Bergoglio made a point of re-confirming the Novus Ordo trappings for the Newpapacy by facing the Newcardinals across the dinner table like the Protestant minister he is.

And the message of his "homily" was hardly even Christian. The "homily" was a chatty, off-the-cuff, almost vaudevillian parody of a Catholic sermon. In words reminiscent of Bergoglio's socialistic environment in Argentina, the Newcardinals were given an anti-Christian message: the Church should not try to impose its message on a modern society that doesn't want to hear it. The Church needs to be "one with the people." Bergoglio is said to be "Marian," but he doesn't seem to be Christian!

Even the usually clueless secular press saw the truth immediately. Bergoglio's First Mess recalled the worst features of JPII-Wojtyla's parody Messes. "The liturgical beauty is already gone from Papal Mass [sic]," reported the Associated Press. Gone were the papal vestments, replaced with modern knockoffs that were more suitable to Macy's bargain basement. Gone was the papal mozetta, or short cape, which symbolizes jurisdiction. Gone again is the traditional coronation of the pope, which the last three eschewed.

Bergoglio will be merely "installed" as Newpope on March 19, 2013, the second Newpope not to be a true Bishop of Rome, as he was never consecrated as a bishop, but only installed under Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal of 1969 (as was Ratzinger). [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

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